Center for the Political Future

Fellows Program

Each semester, we host three ideologically diverse Fellows on campus, who expose students to a wide array of perspectives, broadening and challenging their understanding of government while strengthening civil dialogue on campus and within our community.


Our Fellows spend the semester leading 2-unit seminar courses as well as hosting office hours, roundtable discussions, and bi-partisan political panels designed to benefit students and the broader community.

Fellows Programs

Meet Our Fellows- These Fellows are specialists in practical politics, excelling in on-the-ground political stratagem and robust, real-world policy solutions. They serve as an invaluable resource to students and the broader community, in the classroom and through event participation.

Classes (POSC410)- The cornerstone of the Fellows Program is the semester-long class designed and taught individually by each Fellow and associated guest lecturers to a group of 15-20 undergraduate students on a specific topic of the Fellow's choosing, ranging from immigration to campaign finance. Students in enrolled in POSC410 also have access to one-on-one career counseling sessions with Fellows, providing unprecedented career opportunities.

Workshops, Roundtables and Other Events- In addition to classroom time and career counseling sessions, Fellows attend weekly Politics and Pastries workshops and Roundtable Lunches, where they meet with students in more casual settings to discuss pressing national and global issues.

Fellows also participate in dozens of CPF Political Conversations and conferences throughout the year.

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