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Student Engagement

Get involved with our Fellows in and outside the classroom.

POSC410: Every semester, the Center for the Political Future invites three distinguished Fellows to campus to teach an exclusive 15-person class. POSC410 is an in-depth seminar on the ins and outs of practical politics. Far from political theory and academic journals, POSC410 gives students the opportunity to engage in a realistic way with immediate political quandaries and policy solutions. Each 2-unit cr/no-cr course runs for 10 weeks and will be jam-packed with VIP guest lecturers, unprecedented career and internship opportunities, and unlimited access to Center Fellows in and out of the classroom. All students, regardless of major, are eligible to apply for the class. POSC410 counts toward USC and Dornsife unit requirements but is NOT offered for POSC major or minor credit. For specific questions about how this course applies to your degree, speak to your advisor. Apply for POSC410 here.

Fall 2020 Fellows

Fellows Roundtable Series: CPF Fellows partake in a virtual discussion series where students ask the Fellows anything they want – from career advice to the 2020 presidential election to where to live in DC. These unique conversations guide participants toward tough issues, creative solutions, and navigating differences. Attendees are expected to come to the table researched and prepared. In partnership with Unruh Associates.