USC Fellows Jeff Greenfield, David Hill, and Ben Rhodes Wrap Up Spring Semester at the Center for the Political Future

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Spring 2020 CPF Fellows: Jeff Greenfield, David Hill, and Ben Rhodes
Spring 2020 CPF Fellows: Jeff Greenfield, David Hill, and Ben Rhodes

The USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future (CPF) wrapped up a packed Spring 2020 Fellows Program with Jeff Greenfield, David Hill, and Ben Rhodes. Their classes, panel discussions, and casual political conversations in the community impacted countless students at USC.

Each semester, CPF hosts diverse political superstars to spend the semester leading 2-unit seminar courses (Political Science 410), as well as hosting office hours, group discussions, and bi-partisan political panels designed to benefit students and the broader community. The Fellows Program provides students with practical experience in politics and is essential in advancing the Center’s mission to bridge political divides by educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Who are the Spring 2020 CPF Fellows?

Jeff Greenfield is an award-winning television journalist and author focused on the fields of politics, media, and culture. He is a Special Correspondent at “PBS Newshour” and writes a column for Politico. Jeff has reported for several major news outlets such as CBS, CNN, and ABC.

David Hill is a leading pollster and research-based strategist. Over the course of his career, Hill has served numerous top Republican candidates across the nation, including over a dozen United States Senators and Governors. He has served members of Congress, state legislators, political parties, and more, including former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Hill has polled for more than 100 successful ballot measures across the nation, from Alaska to Florida.

Ben Rhodes is the former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, a co-host of Crooked Media’s Pod Save the World, and the author of “The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House,” a New York Times bestseller.

What did the Spring 2020 CPF Fellows say about their USC experience?

Greenfield: “I am glad to have participated in the program. I enjoy teaching and over the years, the appearance of Google and Youtube has made teaching political and media history easier and easier — and this spring was no exception. I could show great events, political advertising, great speeches, and presidential debates.”

Hill: “This was an ideal time for me to be a Fellow, given the lively Democratic primary process and my interest in public opinion and voting behavior. The many election-related events sponsored by the Center and its partners at USC were terrific, highlighted by the Pete Buttigieg appearance and the Super Tuesday forum. I benefited from listening to other Fellows, guest speakers, and CPF staff this term.”

Rhodes: “It is absolutely invaluable to get a better understanding of how students are looking at the rapidly changing landscape of American politics and broader geopolitics. My students had clearly been wrestling with many of the themes and issues that we were discussing."

"CPF has clearly carved out an essential role for itself at USC and beyond,” Rhodes added. “It is small enough to feel like a tight-knit community while also being fully integrated into the broader ecosystem of programs at USC.”

What did USC students say about the Spring 2020 CPF Fellows?

About Jeff Greenfield: “It was a positive and enjoyable experience where I learned how crucial political media is to the American audience,” said Chloe Gudino, a sophomore majoring in Political Science. “I have a better understanding of how the media has impacted the American perception of political offices. I’m glad that I decided to take this course and grateful to Jeff for sharing his knowledge.”

About David Hill: Camilo Daza Manga, a sophomore majoring in Political Science and International Relations, said, “The course was exceptionally in-depth and it was phenomenal to learn from Hill's extensive experience. The topics that we covered were wide-ranging, but my favorite was the comparative section we did on Republican and Democratic framing and messaging.”

About Ben Rhodes: Shir Attias, a senior double majoring in International Relations and Political Economy, said, “Whether it be from his time in government working with leaders such as Modi and Putin, or from his travels and work after the Obama administration, Rhodes’ unique insights into the global authoritarian trend extended beyond simply a discussion of the trend in other countries."

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