Senator Barbara Boxer Joins Growing Board of Councilors at USC Center for the Political Future

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Former CPF Fellow Barbara Boxer to join CPF Board of Councilors (Source: Barbara Boxer)
Former CPF Fellow Barbara Boxer to join CPF Board of Councilors (Source: Barbara Boxer)

The Center for the Political Future (CPF) is proud to welcome former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer as a new member of its Board of Councilors. The Center plans to grow the Board from three members in 2020 to six members before the end of 2021 and to 10 members by year end 2022.

On joining the Board, Senator Boxer said: "I am so pleased to continue my participation with USC’s Center for the Political Future. Teaching there was an amazingly positive experience. As we look forward it is critical that we bridge the political divide and find our way to a politics of respect that will lead to broader participation and trust."

CPF is expanding the Board to help the Center become more financially sustainable, to grow its successful programs and implement new ones, to increase opportunities for students, and to better serve its mission to educate and train future generations of political leaders.

Senator Boxer joins existing CPF Board members: Wendy Abrams, Lisa Korbatov, and Hope Warschaw.

“Our Board members play an increasingly important role in the Center’s success,” said CPF Director Robert Shrum, “so we’re looking to add members who not only have the ability to help us achieve our goals, and who share a passion for our mission.”

Those who are interested in serving on the Board should consider joining one of CPF’s Center Leadership Circles and contacting CPF Executive Director Kamy Akhavan (

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