Fall 2017: Homelessness in Los Angeles and Policy Recommendations

Fall 2017

Homelessness in Los Angeles and Policy Recommendations

For the fall 2017 semester, in partnership with the USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness and Skid Row Housing Trust, Unruh Institute research interns developed recommendations for a strategic plan to address homelessness in Los Angeles using the recent influx of funds allocated to the issue. They highlighted key capacity-building strategies based on research from national case studies, and made recommendations for how Los Angeles should structure its response to this critical issue.

Project: Homelessness in Los Angeles: A Case-Based Evaluation of Capacity-Building Strategies

USC Students: Rex Alley, Shernae Hughes, Maria Manjarrez, Anna McEnroe, and Matt Park

Listen to why the students chose to research the issue of homelessness, what they gained from their research internship this semester and how it influenced their next steps here.

Research Question: How can the homeless services industry in Los Angeles best use their increased funds to build their capacity efficiently?

Policy Recommendations:

  1. Optimal Organizational Structure: 1) Unified strategic planning, 2) Staffing through competitive career incentives and 3) Quality interagency relationships and communication
  2. Pre-service educational programs at partner universities & non-profits
  3. Mandatory evaluations to increase transparency and efficiency

Learn more about their research into capacity-building strategies and get an in-depth look into their case studies of New York and San Francisco here.

For a snapshot of their research findings, read their infographic here.

Watch the full video of their presentation here.