Spring 2018: Homelessness in Los Angeles

Spring 2018

Homelessness in Los Angeles

For the spring 2018 semester, in partnership with the Office of Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Unruh Institute research interns evaluated the current homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County. They took an in-depth look at current programs and services provided and proposed policy recommendations. They also looked at effective programs in Northern California, the United States, and internationally and compared them to the current L.A. programs.

Project: Homelessness in Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Study

USC Students: Lauren Jacobs, Mechelle Philip, Jose Gutierrez, Amanda Feiwell, Brianna Mims, and Grace Steele

Listen to the students share their findings and policy recommendations, as well as explain why they chose to research the issue of homelessness here.

Research Goal: Evaluating the current homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County and City and looking towards the future.

Policy Recommendations:

  1. Eliminate the homeless population by the 2028 Olympics
  2. Allocation of more funding to permanent housing solutions
  3. Identify best practices utilized in different Service Provider Areas and replicate throughout the county
  4. Devise effective communication networks and strategies between local government
  5. Municipal ID Program to ensure access to services and provide a more accurate count
  6. Transition from basic shelters to the enhanced model
  7. Create City-funded encampments during transition to Housing First Model

Read the group's research into the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles here.